Every Developer Should Build A Website

Dec 30, 2021

The website you're viewing right now is a static website. What does that mean? Everthing was built, rendered, and then deployed. With no database.

There are advantages to building a static website. Namely, it's very fast.

Typically, when visiting a website, the pages are dynamically generated by the server. That's means server-side code needs to run before the page can be generated. That's Python code with Django, PHP with Laravel, or JS with NodeJS.

The server also makes database calls. These add overhead as the data must be fetched, processed, and then returned from the server.

Now granted, static websites are less common than their dynamic brethren for a reason. They don't support logins or other session-dependent data (think forms, comments, etc). A website with dynamic content like Twitter wouldn't be possible to build statically.

Static websites work best when all users are viewing the exact same content. Like this blog.

This website is a nice small project that any developer can tackle. Stay tuned for more on how it's built.